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So… I’ve got an allotment!

April 1, 2013

I am rather scared. I am not green fingered. I simply fancy the idea of growing my own!

I put my name down on ‘the list’ about one and a half years ago. I was just beginning to think that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have an allotment. I just wasn’t sure if I had enough time.

Then I got the email!

So here we are!

We had three to choose from. The first two we looked at had been one plot and were being spilt. They were really overgrown but one had a shed. We really liked the idea of having our own shed but then we were shown inside; local youths had been using it at night. The thought of going down there on a Sunday morning with the kids…and finding beer bottles etc was not appealing.

Then we saw 29a and just loved it. It’s a half allotment but is still huge!! The other half is used by a Mum with two kids. I’m expecting to be down there a lot over the summer with my two little boys, so this is hopefully good news. Another good sign while we were down there was finding out that one of my number one’s schoolmates has an allotment just behind ours.

The lady who had ours had organised it all; the pointy plant description thingies in the ground. This makes it feel less daunting…but there is still A LOT of work to do!

Everyone down there has been so helpful and friendly. We’ve had lots of tips, but I feel like we’re going to have to prove ourselves!

Our plan is to start getting a couple of the seed beds ready to plant some potatoes and maybe some beetroot/pumpkinsImage. I contacted Lou from the blog ‘Little Green Shed’ and she’s given me some great tips on what to grow and books to read. Her blog is amazing and so inspiring! Anyway…she recommended ‘Vegetable and Herb Expert’ by  Dr. D.G.Hessayon.  along with a few others. So I’m going to spend some time reading up and maybe potting some seeds at home. For the potatoes I need to ‘chit’ them. Going to have a go at that tomorrow!!

Wish me luck!!


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  1. It is scary! My allotment scares me all the time. My favourite veg book is Sarah Raven’s “The Great Vegetable Plot”. Full of really great tips. Good luck with your growing.

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