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Getting mucky!

April 6, 2013

We’ve been away to Legoland for a couple of days with the boys. Before we went, me and the youngest planted some seeds.



Teddybear sunflowers

The carrots and pumpkin seeds we put in pots with compost. My two year old wasn’t following the instructions about depth etc so who knows whether anything will happen with these!!!!! I managed to stay calm, even though the patio is trashed and far too much water was used!!

I put the sunflowers straight into the ground, not sure if this will work either!! It has been so cold here and frosty so it probably wasn’t a great idea.

I also tried chitting the potatoes. I’ve just put them in an egg box and left them in the kitchen. (Think this is what I’m supposed to do!!)

We’re going to the allotment tomorrow but I think it’ll still be too cold to plant anything. We went down before we went away and got one bed ready for potatoes. Then we started on the other two beds. I’ll take some pics tomorrow. The boys were ok last time we went down there… but did start getting bored. We need to get a little area ready for them.

Crossing my fingers some of this will grow!


allotment 001




allotment 002









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