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April 7, 2013

We all went down to the allotment today. My other half was desperate to get something planted. I personally think it’s still  too cold, but there you go!

The kids were also desperate to plant something so they helped plant some potatoes (Charlotte) which have been chitted in our kitchen. We also planted some onion seeds, straight into the ground and some garlic.

I have made such a silly mistake though! I am embarrassed to write this, but basically, I put the bulbs in (3 of them) without splitting them into cloves. I just didn’t think about it until we got home! In my defence, I did have a two year old swinging a rake round my head at this time, so I was a bit distracted!!!! I am going to go tomorrow to dig them back up and split them into cloves them put them back in. So lucky I’m off work at the moment!! I hope our neighbours aren’t there while I do this…so embarrassing!! I did contemplate going down there tonight with a torch, just so nobody could see how stupid I’ve been!!


Really need some tips on how to keep the kids entertained down there. We’ve only spent a few days down there here and there but I can see my oldest is getting bored. The first time we went down there his school friend was there on his allotment so they had loads of fun. Need to find out when they go I guess and arrange a get together!

Wish me luck for tomorrow!! Might have to get a disguise!! Or I could just blame the kids…..


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  1. Once my other half put a whole bulb of garlic in a curry. And we ate it. He said afterwards he did think it took an exceptionally long time to peel them all. I always take snacks to the allotment, and we have little chairs in the shed so they organise themselves a little picnic. When the weather warms up I’ll give them little jobs to do. Anything with sticks usually goes down well. Or maybe digging a tiny (washing-up bowl-sized) pond.

    • Ooh!! That’s a lot of garlic!
      We don’t have a shed down there and have been told they attract ‘local youths’ because of where it is. So we’ve been put off the idea. I’ve got some little camping chairs though so I could take those down when we take the car. I like the idea of snacks and little jobs too! Thanks!

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