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More shoots!!

April 11, 2013

More shoots from the carrot seeds today!! One of the pumpkin seeds looks as if it’s made it’s way upwards and has started sprouting a shoot type of thing out of the side of it. You can see it in the top two photos. Think I might have put it in the wrong way!!! Will see what happens with the others…






You can see that we didn’t follow the instructions of  ‘sow thinly’!!


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  1. I love when the seeds start to come up! I think pumpkin seeds need to be sown on their sides (ie. not flat). Quite often the seed casing gets stuck on the plant, but it will work its way out in time. Best not to pull it off as you risk damaging the shoot. Ask me how I know…

    • That’s reassuring…thank you! More of them have come up this morning….so exciting!!

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