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Pumpkins and Crazy Golf!

April 13, 2013

Well, I headed up north today with the other half and my two boys to see some family. My oldest has been so excited about taking Daddy on the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ themed crazy golf. He was so excited! My youngest played by his own rules!

pumkins and crazy golf 009     pumkins and crazy golf 008


Anyway, when we got back home tonight, we were ecstatic to see how well the pumpkin shoots had done in our absence!!!!!! Just look at them!!!!!


Honestly, I thought someone had been in while we were out and replaced them with these!!!

And the carrot seeds are doing well too!!



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  1. I love pumpkin and squash seedlings – they’re so nice and chunky. It’s funny how stuff always grows when you’re away! I’m hoping that this will happen at the allotment, so that when I visit I am always surprised at the progress.

  2. I just can’t believe how fast they’re growing. Think I will have to get them in at the allotment this week as they’re taking over the kitchen! Have been told to wait though because of potential frosts. Might just have to chance it!!

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