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Non allotment related

April 19, 2013

Well, not a lot’s gone on down at the allotment lately as my youngest has been poorly so we’ve been staying in and keeping warm. The pumpkins are still going crazy in the kitchen and it’s beginning to look like something out of ‘The Day of the Triffids’!

Anyway…. all this extra time at home has made me see how little my children actually play with all of this plastic we have amassed over the the past years!

Seriously…it has taken over!!! I was reading a post on the blog: ‘Tales from a happy house’ and also one on ‘oyster-pearl’ (still have no idea how to link other blogs yet!!) and was inspired by them to get de-cluttering!!! There is so much I think they just can’t decide what to play with!! Their birthdays are coming up so we definitely to de clutter by then.

Whenever we have tried to get rid of stuff over the years, my oldest gets so upset (even when the toys are his brothers, he cries for him!) that we end up giving up! What I have decided to do this time, after seeing how little they play with any of this stuff, is to gradually take out stuff and hide it. If they ask for it and want to play with it then fair enough, I’ll get it out, but otherwise, if they don’t ask for it and haven’t even realised it’s missing after a couple of weeks then I’ll be taking them to the charity shop!!! Here are some pics I took this afternoon. This is actually quite tidy for our front room. I have removed two bags’ worth at this point!!



As you can see, we need a sort out!!! That tent is actually full of all sorts too!! That big hideous blue plastic box in the background gets so full we can’t shut the lid! My mission is to be able to get that lid shut by the end of the weekend. I picked up a nice crocheted granny blanket for a couple of quid in a charity shop which I could chuck over the top.

Will let you know how we get on!!


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  1. I’m glad it’s not just my house which is overrun with plastic boxes! I have to get rid of toys by stealth sometimes, while they are not looking. Otherwise, they “rediscover” that old toy and start playing with it again! Good luck. x

  2. I sneak it out too when they are at school. Sometimes to the garage for a while and sometimes directly to the charity shop. I have mooted the idea of selling some things to get some money for them all to have bikes. The littlest boy is incredibly protective of absolutely everything though, so it’s quite a battle. So much stuff has been “rescued” from the charity shop bags if he sees them. The other day I left the recycling in the hall overnight as it was so windy. By morning various tin cans and old catalogues had been reclaimed. Sigh.

  3. So it’s not just me then!!! still haven’t got rid of anything yet but tomorrow is the day!! Charity shop, here I come…it’s your lucky day!!!

  4. Catalogues!!! I know!! We have got various Argos catalogues lying about too!

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