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A First Book of Nature

April 25, 2013

Me and the youngest popped down to the allotment this morning to see how the plants are doing. We planted the pumpkins and carrots we’d been growing in our kitchen on Sunday. I know it’s probably a bit early still but the pumpkins were starting to look too big for the pots. The other half put together some poly tunnel type things which were left over from the last person who had the plot. Hopefully this will stop the frost getting them…fingers crossed!!!


Everything looked ok down there. We’ll go again at the weekend. We also planted some seeds straight in; beetroot and more carrots. (Forgot my phone to take pics but will do at the weekend)

After half an hour down there we went to the Yorkshire Museum in York. Mark Hearld’s work is on display and I’ve been dying to go and see it.  Again I forgot my phone!!! Believe me it was fantastic. I’m going back soon to take my oldest. He wants to be an illustrator when he grows up at the moment(He’s nearly 6 and this changes on a regular basis!!) I know he’ll love it!

It was amazing to see how he layers things. There were real feathers there and all sorts.

I bought ‘A First Book of Nature’ from the gift shop; more for myself than the kids really! It’s gorgeous…my favourite book!!

I think his work is only there for another week or two so I need to get down there soon.







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  1. That book does indeed look lovely. I am a big fan of nature and of great illustrations, so this is perfect I think. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your allotment when you have them.

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