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What a busy day!

April 28, 2013

Packed lots in today!

Got up and made a cheesecake. While that was cooking I went for a run.



I use a recipe for New York cheesecake that I found in a magazine years ago. I never had the right size cake tin so always guessed the measurements; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t! It’s always gorgeous, no matter what it looks like!

I finally treated myself to the correct size tin and it’s one of these spring form tins (it wasn’t cheap!). I’ve used it twice now and both times, some of the mixture has seeped through and bubbled on the bottom of the oven. This time, I put greaseproof paper on the area where I thought it might be leaking and it still leaked!! With this new tin, the cake has split in half too!! So annoying!! It still tastes absolutely gorgeous but just spoils how it looks.  I might have to go back to my old tin!!

We spent a couple of hours on the allotment. The pumpkins still look ok. The lady on the next allotment was saying you should wait until late May to put them in the ground!! Will see what happens!!

We moved some strawberries into a new bed. There were loads of strawberry plants from the previous occupant, all overgrown with weeds and grass. I’ve tried my best to move them gently. I had to separate some of them too as they looked too big. We’ve covered them with netting and the blue pipe things.

This was their old bed…so overgrown…


Their new home…



The boys were so good today. They found some sticks and mud and set up a drum kit. The youngest was singing so loud! Hope nobody has escaped to their allotment for peace and quiet today!!


The other half dug over another bed and put some Charlotte potatoes in. we got these from the allotment shop. They were already ‘chitted’ and ready to go in.

In the bed where we put the first lot of potatoes, garlic and onions… something has started growing. I think it might be garlic but we didn’t secure the labels and they blew away. I thought I would remember where I planted what but I’ve forgotten. Well, I do like surprises so that’s ok!

Things are starting to look good!!

We then had a Sunday lunch and took the oldest to a party.

I am absolutely shattered now! Going to put my feet up and watch ‘The Village’. Although I am quite traumatised after last week’s episode so might just half watch/half crochet!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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  1. Oh the cheesecake looks delicious, you have been busy. I always think I will remember where I planted things too, and I never do.

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