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Busy, busy, busy!

May 16, 2013

Things have been a bit crazy here lately but lots of fun!! We had my cousin and his lovely girllfriend over to stay. Was so nice to spend some time with them. The kids loved it…getting lots of attention!!

Things are going to get a lot crazier when I start marking for a GCSE exam this June!!! Right in the middle of the marking is my eldest son’s 6th birthday…so I think this old blog will be neglected for a while. I’m hoping the allotment isn’t going to get neglected too!

I haven’t been down there for over a week, the last time I went, the pumpkins were not looking good which is a shame. There were some kind of shoots coming through but we weren’t sure if they were just weeds!!! The photos on my phone are a bit rubbish…Image




This uncertainty prompted me to go the local library and see if I could get any books with pictures. I love getting books out at the library. It feels like you’ve treated yourself…but for free!! Our library has a lovely kids’ section too. Anyway, I managed to get these lovely books…Image



Doubt the above will be me any time soon at the rate we’re going!!

ImageOur potatoes aren’t doing anything yet…they’ve been in there for weeks so I am thinking maybe the frost got them???



I found this RHS book really useful, to be able to see what the plants look like when they first start coming through. So we should be able to work out which ones are weeds now!!

We’ve got soooo much to learn!!! It’s scary!

Just to change the subject…


My friend has just had a baby girl so I’ve been very busy making this…

ImageJust need to make a border around very pleased with this blanket…almost want to keep it for myself!!

Can’t wait for a cuddle with the new owner!!! 





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  1. Fantastic blanket, well done you! I know what you mean about finding time for things; the weeds are definitely winning at my allotment at the moment. I saw Alys’s book at our library as well, but I didn’t borrow it this time as I don’t really have an abundance of anything quite yet, except maybe rhubarb. Hope you find a minute to get along to your plot before the marking begins!

    • Thank you! The sewing together of all the squares was hard work!!
      Lots of rhubarb…you lucky thing! I love it! We have some on the allotment but it’s not doing a lot at the moment! I keep seeing recipes with rhubarb. I just remember eating it raw with a bag of sugar at the bottom of my friend’s grandad’s garden!!
      I managed to get to the allotment on Sunday and things have gone a bit crazy down there!! I’ll be updating the blog later!!

  2. Those gardening books look great, very inspiring and full of nice ideas. I just wish I had an abundance of something in the garden…

    Gorgeous baby blanket, it’s going to be so lovely when it’s all done. x

    • Thank you! I’ve got a lot to learn with crochet! I just hope it doesn’t all fall apart!!

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