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Things are growing!!!

May 21, 2013

Well, we decided to pop down to the allotment on Sunday, last minute… and what a surprise!!!!

This bed had a few garlic shoots and NOTHING else last time we went!!!


We worked out which were plants and which were weeds in one half of the bed. So we’ve got garlic and potatoes there (the frost obviously didn’t get them!!)

The other half of that bed has onions but we don’t know what they look like!!! So we’ve left the weeds there for now as we don’t want to risk pulling the onions up!! It looked like this when the other half finished with it…



The strawberries we took out and re-planted in a new bed have flowers on them!!! I was SO excited!!!



There were still loads more of these plants in the original bed, so we re-planted some more in the new bed.

My son then found this…think it’s purple sprouting broccoli????



We haven’t done anything to this bed yet…in fact, we’ve been dumping all the weeds and rubble on this bed! There were some pretty buds in this bed too, so I cut some to bring home. Then when I looked in the RHS book… I discovered that they’re chives!!!! So I have some chives in a vase…I have so much to learn!!!


My oldest son found this lovely egg shell when we got there.


He has been so excited about it! His teacher from last year happened to be walking by, taking her children for a nature trail. She took photos and he was so proud!! He’s taken it in to show his class.I mentioned going back to the allotment at the weekend to make a scarecrow and he’s very excited! 

I left feeling fantastic that all these things are growing (we also have beetroot starting to grow, and carrots! But the pumpkins are not looking good.) 

We’ve just got to make sure we look after them properly now! Wish us luck!!


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  1. Fantastic! It’s all so exciting when it first starts to grow, especially when it’s on an allotment site that you don’t see every day. Then when you do visit it’s even more amazing. Unfortunately that goes for the weeds as well – I didn’t visit for about ten days and the weeds, oh my! I need to spend some serious time on them I think. It might go either way with the pumpkins. I don’t think that squashes and courgettes like the cold, so maybe pumpkins are the same. If they don’t take off, maybe you could put in a replacement or two and see if they fare better.

    • Yes, think we’ll have to get some more pumpkins to put in! We’ve had hailstones here again today though!!! Will it ever get warm?!?!?

  2. Funny how the gardens and allotments start growing so fast. I’m so impressed with everything you have growing in your patch, I harvested my first rhubarb today and felt very happy. x

    • I’ve just got to keep things growing now!!! We went yesterday and something (birds?) had eaten the tops off all the beetroot!!! Next job is to get some netting!!

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