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Busy days

June 27, 2013

Well the exam marking is in full swing so I’ve not been able to give any time here.  Just wanted to post a few photos. I’ve been managing to make weekly visits to the allotment and TRYING to keep on top of the weeds!!!! These photos are from last week.



We have strawberries!!



Don’t know what this white stuff is. It’s on the strawberries we left in the old bed. When I went today, the old bed had these lovelies…


We ate loads more down there, me and my youngest. It was so lovely, especially after having some rubbish days at work! Reminds me what it’s all about!

I forgot to take the camera down there today but things are looking good. We need to get everything covered up at the weekend. Going to go crazy with the netting!!

The strawberries we replanted aren’t looking great. But there are still plenty in the other bed…just not sure what the white foamy stuff is!!


The other things on the plate I picked off the pumpkins. I’m sure I read somewhere that you should only keep two fruits on each plant so I nipped some off!


Will try to keep up with the posting!!


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  1. It looks wonderful, and no weeds at all. I am struggling with my weeds a lot at the moment; I think they are winning! The strawberries look delicious. I’m picking some from the garden at the moment, but the allotment ones needs replacing. I’m thinking of making a new strawberry bed next year. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • Thanks! We’ve had tons of rain today so I’m a bit worried that the slugs will have attacked!!!
      Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

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